Trapped Between Frames (Ming I Darkening of the Light )

The myth tells the sun goddess Amaterasu escaped from the unbearable cruelty of her brother, and hides away in a cave, leaving the world in darkness. Her own light was so strong it made the place so bright to not be seen anything. So much bright was reflected back to her that from her chest a black hole appeared and from there it expanded till covered all her body and spaces of the cave, at which she vanished into the darkness of the brightness.- ‘I exist where the tree keeps its root, beneath blood and ground, where darkness brights at its best.

Technical Details:
Stereoscopic Film. UK 2014.
Duration: 9.51 min
Format: Stereoscopic found photographs animated and mix with 16 mm film and HD video
Directed by Nazare Soares, Performance by Aya Toraiwa, Sound Design by Laila Hansen and Andrew Stuart-Buttle.


Invisibledrum Symposium at Rosendal Theater, Trondheim. Norway


“Illusions” programme curated by Sarah Schipschack at Mumbai Art Room, Mumbai. India.


Volumes 2018. Festival Internacional de Exploracion Audio Visual. Centre del Carme, Valencia. Spain

Anniversary of Moving Image Arts. University of Brighton. Brighton Cinecity. Fabrica Gallery. Brighton. UK


Other Cinema. Avant to Live: New experimental works. Artist Television Access.  San Francisco, CA


Wicca-ed Cinema. HÄXÄN WITCHES & ASTRAL VISIONS. Artist Television Access. San Francisco, CA

Festival Internacional de Cinema Dobra, HÄXÄN – O Oculto Pessoal. Cinemateca. Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

Usurp Zone 5 Film Festival supported by BFI. Indian Habitat Centre. Screening. New Delhi, India


Addis Video Art Festival. Compilation IVAHM. Museum of Contemporary art of Ethiopia. 

Fiva International Video Art Festival, Museo del Libro y de la Lengua. Screening Buenos Aires, Argentina

Haxan Film Festival, Omni Oakland Commons.Screening. Oakland, California

Usurp Zone 5 Film Festival supported by BFI and Film London. Usurp Gallery. London, UK

Gaze Film Series, Past Perfect Future Tense. Artists Television Access.San Francisco, CA

IVHAM’15 Media Arts Festival. La Neomudejar de Atocha. Film Installation. Madrid, Spain


Cinecity Film Festival. Brighton Museum and Art Gallery.Screening. Brighton, UK

Art Experimenta Vol.8. Trispace Gallery.Screening. London, UK

Fort Process Sound Art Festival. Film Installation. New Heaven, UK

The Lavish Big Screen. Latitude Festival. Film Installation. Suffolk, UK

Artist Film Salon. Supported by LUX.  JW3. Screening. London, UK

Ming I Darkening of the Light. Stereoscopic. University of Brighton. Film Installation. Brighton, UK