Hic Non Est. From scenes and scenery of the Holy Land

Palestine 2013
UK 2014
Multi-channel Film and Sound Installation

Digital print 70×70 screen. Jerico 2013

Hic Non Est (He is not here) is a moving image and sound installation that takes the form of an assemblage of memories, thoughts and experiences collected by Nazare Soares in Palestine between April and May 2013. Hic Non Est plays with the idea of representation or reconstruction of memory and aimed to construct a piece that contains memory and experience in the form of sound and image. The structure of the piece was inspired by the pilgrimage and missionary books written in the holy land towards the end of the 19th century, the moving image work aims to evoke some of the illustrative styles of these volumes. Hic Non Est is made in collaboration with music composer Andrew Stuart-Buttle; the soundscape, created from the main sound material recorder in Palestine, aims to give the viewer the experience of being present in the environment on screen whilst creating a sense of the presence of others in the same space throughout history. Sound provides physical contact with the film bringing it to life and creating a fragmented narrative.

Hic Non Est. From scenes and scenery of the Holy Land A Film installation. 24 – 26 October 2014 at Community Arts Centre. Brighton, UK

Hisan Palace- Hic Non Est UK 2014

The film installation proposed by the curator of Community Arts Center, Jenny Milarski, involved breaking the original film down into fragments, and visitors explored an immersing film experience structured in the form of a visual diary; the structure of missionary and pilgrim books is applied to create the sense of going through the old book. In addition, Moving Image artist James Johnson who travelled to Palestine with Nazare was invited to screen his work Impenetrable Thicket made especially for this occasion.

Hic Non Est, Palestine 2013


Hic Non Est. Gondwana Futurism Radio Station, Metamorf Art & Technology Biennale. Kit Gallery. Trondheim


Hic Non Est. Brighton Palestine Film Festival. Brighton Arts Club. Screening, UK


Hic Non Est. Community Arts Centre. Film Installation. Brighton. UK