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2021, April, Symposium of Spiritual Technologies within Creative Practices – Ethnobotany and the Witch Trials in Norway, in collaboration with HIFO and Kunsthall Trondheim. Trondheim. Norway.

2021, Project Anywhere Global Exhibition, Biennial conference Anywhere and Elsewhere, Parsons Fine Art Institute, New York City, USA.

Symposium of Spiritual Technologies within Creative Practices, Invisibledrum Art Association and collaborators, Rosendal Theater, 4th-6th February 2020, Trondheim  (NO)

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“History Decays into Images not Stories”  at Beside the Screen Conference, at King’s College and at ISMAI and CIAC. Co-ordinated by Virginia Crisp and Gabriel Menotti. Supported by the AHRC-UK, Capes, CNPq, and FAPES. 5th-6th of July 2018, London & Porto

Artist Talk at Sonar +D International Congress of Creativity, Technology & Business, Sonar 2018 Festival of Music Creativity & Technology. 13-16 June 2018, Barcelona. 

“The Breathing Room” at CHI2018 Conference Human-Computer Interaction. Palais des Congrès Montréal. Québec 21-16 April 2018. 

Love, Speak Softly at E.X.P.A.N.D.E.D. SOUND into SPACE seminar at Kunstakademiet i Trondheim. Norway. April, 2018

“Invisible Drum”  at NSU winter symposium for Circle 7 – Practicing Communities: Transformative societal strategies of artistic research, ReActivate and ReVisit Winter Symposium: March 2nd – 4th 2018 at Zirgu Pasts, Latvian Academy of Culture/Latviljas Kultῡras Akadēmija, Riga. Latvia. March, 2018

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