Documentation from participative performance by @whitemirroroddities at El Pozo da Marmeleira @foundationobras art residency , we heard the call from an enchanted Moura, asking us for help to break the spell that keeps her tied to the well. We share our memories, dreams and miseries as offering to the well , collectively we dress the well and sang into the hole together and then just over the Holy mountain of Évora Monte, the Venus star rose at twilight. In mythology the entity in the well ( the Moura) is being seen with a rock on her head while spinning a yarn , it is believed she is the one who build the megalithics so has a strong connection to stones and rocks and underground realms in this area, she lives in wells , rocks , springs , ruines and rivers . These water mythological entities are under a spell by a figure of father or distorted male abuser, and they requests help to break the spell so they can awake and celebrate Freedom. She is associated with sculpture, weaving , shape shift into snake and she likes to receive milk , bread , fig and quince . So we brought all these, roses, olives and other flowers and magick beings, offer it to the well to start a process untilthe summer solstice when the spell finally will break. The next offerings to the well will happen the hour of the day that Venus rules. The Venus Dial carved on mármol evoke another way of relating to time and marks the planetary timing of Venus at the different hours in the days of the week. Proposing to revisit how we relate to planetary and cosmic time. Venus was born from a coalition with another planet that sent its axis to rotate inverted to the rest of the planets of the solar system . It is a planet that helps to expansion through our relationship with oneself and the other

Documentation From Research trip and participatory performance by Nazarè Soares at the Marble quarries of the Estremoz Anticline in the Alentejo region, Portugal, we find marble stones that trace the last six to seven hundred millions of years. The human print of humans on earth is deep and brutal here. We ask the Marble stone for a message and it spoke to us clearly in the form of a song that we collectively composed. The word Marble from Greek meaning Crystalline Rock , shining stone, spirit awaits the awakening of powers of marble, this yin mineral is the stone of the goddess of love Aphrodite , her temples were built solely from Marble. Marble keeps away the evil spirits and attract light. It is connected to the elements of water, hold one close if you need to protect yourself from aggressions as it increase trust and sympathy in others. #marblequarrys #magickstones #invisiblemusicbox #songlinesdowsers @whitemirroroddities #witchtrailsprojectiberia @invisibledrum #campanasbajoelagua #fullmooninpisces #participatoryperformanceart #artresidency @foundationobras . pictures by Lugder van der Eerden