I facilitate liquid incubations as research methodology that focus on body-mind-alignment through movement & listening repatterning touch in water. This practice is based in authentic liquid movements and awareness. My training is based on aquatic body work techniques developed by Marina Sans, founder of Liquid Cosmos. at Liquid Zome in Sintra. She is a somatic educator for aquatic bodywork that provides experiential anatomy tools to apply in therapeutic sessions and movement in water. She brings together basics from Watsu, Aguajara , Janzu and BMC.

While I am continuing my studies in hydrotherapy and thermal bathing, I am immersed in a somatic investigation of the interconnectedness of the element of Water. This methodology touches upon the crucial urgency for developing social and comunity practices for body awareness and watery embodiment where the body becomes a bridge to access a memory that may be in a timeless cloud somewhere between the body tissues and the water cell clusters. I am interested in how through “cellular touch” we activate a dynamic communication between the level of tissues, where consciousness resides and this can awake intergenerational memory and release stress, as well as being very beneficial for the body overall.

Pictures by  Aurélie Chauleur

“Cellular touch is explored from a specific quality of the body’s cell membrane. The cell membrane consists of a semipermeable membrane that has the ability of selecting the substances which get in and out of the cell’s internal environment. At the micro-cellular level, there is a constant communication between the internal and the external environment, which occurs with the input and output of fluid through this porous membrane.”  Patricia de Lima Caeta no – For a n Aesthetic s of Sensations: the intense body of Bartenief f Fundamentals and Body-Mind Centering Brazilian Journal on Presence Studies, Porto Alegre, v. 5, n. 1, p. 206-232, Jan./Apr. 2015. 

“Cellular consciousness is a state in which all cells have equal opportunity for expression, receptivity, and cooperation. Attuning ourselves to our cellular consciousness brings us to a place in which we can find the ground from which flows the intricate manifestations of our physical, psychological and spiritual being. Each cell in our body has living intelligence. It is capable of knowing itself, initiating action, and communicating with all other cells. The individual cell and the community of cells (tissue, organ, body system) exist as separate entities and as one whole at the same moment.” Marina Sans, founder of Liquid Cosmos.

If you are interested about body-mind-alignment through movement & listening repattering touch in water and contribute to my research please get in touch. I offer individual session in Norway, Lithuania, Spain and Portugal. To get more info please drop me a line to

Research `Water Holds the Shell of the Skin, a Cluster of Cells’