Aquatic Bodywork Therapist & Bath Master

Water Incubations / Phyto-thermotheraphy
Libation Rituals & Water Ceremony

Nazaré is a passionate and dedicated Aquatic Bodywork Therapist, Bath Master, and interdisciplinary Artist specializing in Somatic Aquatic methodology. She focuses on providing tools for movement, pressure, and fascia massage sessions in water, as well as conscious exploration in warm water. Nazaré is also a Bath Master for small groups, specializing in Phyto-thermal massage. Additionally, she serves as a facilitator of Libation rituals and Water ceremonies, holding water codes for sacred space and offerings.

“I ensure a healthy, supportive experience in aquatic bodywork sessions, Phyto-thermotherapy, and bathing. My commitment extends to reconnecting individuals with their essence as water beings, acknowledging the healing intelligence of this element, and promoting the healthy benefits of libation water rituals, the practice of incubations in warm water, and steam bathing with plants.

I facilitate sessions organically, devoid of pre-conceived forms, allowing genuine movement and improvisational contact through touch to emerge. Guided by scores and attuned to the body’s intelligence, I create a space for authentic healing and exploration of liquid intelligence within the body.

I deepen into water incubations as an art research methodology that focus on body-mind-alignment through movement & listening repatterning touch in water. This practice is based in authentic liquid movements and awareness. “

“My approach is rooted in a deep understanding of the body’s layers within the liquid medium—skeleton, nervous system, muscles, fluids, fascia, organs, and glands. I explore movement and developmental patterns through undulations, spirals, rotations, and open/close dynamics, unlocking different states of consciousness and fostering diverse movement qualities and emotional expression.

My expertise extends to therapeutic applications of aquatic somatic bodywork and traditional Baltic sauna, self-knowledge, the artistic implementation of water-inspired rituals, and Body-mind Centering studies in human anatomy, physiology, and psycho-physical development patterns. This is achieved through listening, subtle, investigative, creative, intuitive energy work and embodiment practice.”

Pictures by  Aurélie Chauleur


This practice is based in authentic liquid movements and awareness. My training is based on aquatic body work techniques that provides experiential anatomy tools to apply in therapeutic sessions and movement in water, it brings together basics from Watsu, Aguajara , Janzu and BMC. Trained at Liquid Cosmos ( Liquid Zome, Portugal)

Watsu, derived from the fusion of “water” and “Shiatsu” (a Japanese bodywork practice), was coined by Harold Dull during his application of Zen-Shiatsu principles in thermal water during the 1980s. Among its numerous benefits, Watsu induces deep relaxation, mobilizes joints and myofascial structures, and addresses energetic pathways aligned with Traditional Chinese Medicine through stretching and tactile pressure.

To facilitate incubations in warm water, I ritualize the space and stand in chest-deep water and gently guide the body through intricate circular movements. Floats around the thighs provide added buoyancy, ensuring maximum comfort and relaxation throughout the session. The water’s temperature, ideally set between 35.0–35.5°C, maintains thermoneutrality, enabling a full hour of passive immersion without affecting the body’s core temperature. This activates the embryonic memory. The notion of embryonic memory raises intriguing questions about the interconnectedness of early development, sensory experiences, and the formation of memory.


“Traditional whisking and the art of the bath master from Nordic European-style sweat bathing have been integral aspects of my training. I studied at the International Bath Academy in Lithuania, which has made tremendous efforts to revive the ancient Baltic art of whisking in contemporary cultural baths.

In this tradition, plants in the sauna are not mere tools; they are considered allies and partners in the therapeutic process. Having delved into the botanical and practical aspects of sauna plants, I believe that every tree or herb possesses a distinct personality, with its own life story, character, and energy.

During sessions, my focus is on making deeper connections with these plant allies, understanding their hidden properties, and incorporating them into the sacred space of the sauna.”

The Whisking Procedure:

Every whisking session is a unique experience, adapting to the season and conditions of the hot room. The procedure typically follows the sequence of a relaxation massage, utilizing thermal effects rather than mechanical pressure. Nazaré employs circular wrist movements and waves `vihtas´ over the body to increase overall warmth, with a specific focus on the feet, base of the spine, and main joints. Prioritizing soft steam warming and gentle skin contact, the aim is to relax rather than force the individual to endure the process.

For those unfamiliar with the world of sauna, understanding the term “whisking” can be challenging. It is a special form of sauna massage that requires the presence of hot steam and a “vihta” or a similar tool. Whisking involves a range of movements, from gentle touches to drumming, stroking, splashing, and even striking. Much like traditional massage, whisking aims to warm and relax the body, fostering emotional relaxation based on the client’s needs, ranging from a soft, relaxing experience to a hotter, more intense one.

The origins of whisking remain shrouded in mystery, dating back to the time when hot steam bathing was a necessity during long and cold winters. The simple act of bringing heated boulders inside and splashing them with water evolved into the use of birch twigs for skin cleaning and warmth. Lost during the decline of hot steam bathing in certain regions, whisking persevered in Finno-Ugric, Baltic, and Slavic cultures, firmly belonging to North and Central European steam bathing traditions. (International Bath Academy)


Water immersions, incubations, and libations in the context of ritual create a space where liquid ecologies and hydrofeminism weave across time and space. Engaging in the delicate interplay of these practices uncovers the potential for transcending the shadows of the past, embracing the light of regeneration, and becoming a bridge between personal narratives and ancestral legacies. It serves as a connection between the ethereal and the embodied, and a pathway between healing and liberation.

Libation rituals and ceremonies are ancient offerings practiced to honor Water, deeply rooted in my ancestry in the Iberian Peninsula, and shared across various cultures and religions worldwide. Through libation rituals, liquid incubations, fire invocations, geomancy, and the resonance of singing stones, my work establishes a profound connection with water’s messages. This connection is amplified through liquid, visual, and sonic experiences.

The intention is to align the earth and cosmic sky in communion with water, echoing the patterns of movement in both celestial bodies and water bodies. The consciousness residing within each cell emerges as a beacon, guiding us toward an interconnected, unified existence, where water serves as the conduit that binds us to the universe and to our essence.

If you are interested about body-mind-alignment through movement & listening repattering touch in water and contribute to my research please get in touch. I offer individual session in Norway, Lithuania, Spain and Portugal. To get more info please drop me a line to

Art Research `Water Holds the Shell of the Skin, a Cluster of Cells’