Eye of the Dawn’ Lost found footage is an exploration into the legendary Mata Hari, the exotic dancer shot as an alleged double agent a year before the end of WW1. Taking as a starting point the fact that there is no footage in existence of Mata Hari in motion, and the fact that she was first and foremost known as a dancer, creating this ‘lost’ footage using a 16mm camera is a step towards a creation of a ghost of Mata Hari all these years later.’ This experimental short documentary is a collaboration between moving image artist Nazare Soares and performance Sarah Saeed. The piece explores the boundaries between truths and lies. It plays with the idea of legend and myth of a historical figure such as Mata Hari, who built a fake story about her career and so gained fame and wealth. The film develops the reconstruction of her identity and creates new meaning using fake found footage and sound. We used material found on the internet, which could be false or true to play with the idea of speculation as trend in society which creates legends and myths from historical events.

UK 2013 One channel Film Installation in Mirrorbox/ 8.21 min 16mm/Standard 8 /Found Photographs / HD Mirror box / single screen projection / Stereo sound .

Performance: Sarah Saeed / Voice over: Amanda Palacios / Set- Design and custom : Klara Piechocki-Brown


Slam That Poetry Night. Gallery KIT. Screening. Trondheim, Norway

XXI Muestra Abierta Videoartistas Asociados. La Neomudejar de Atocha. Screening. Madrid, Spain


Artist Film Salon. Supported by LUX.  JW3. Screening. London, UK


The Eye of the Dawn. Scratch Session .The Old Market. Screening. Brighton, UK