Curatorial Work


Performing Quantic activism & Neo Pilgrimages in Contemporary Arts, 3nd Symposium of Spiritual Technologies. Kunsthall Trondheim, Rosendal Theater. October 2022.

Water rituals, Plant medicine & Mycology in the north. Art Seminar organized by Invisibledrum, RÅ RO and Kirsten Kjaers Museum in North Denmark, Thy. March 2022

Geomancias by Jorge Barco. Gallery La Balsa Arte. Sep 29, 2021 till Nov 4, 2021, Bogota, Colombia.

The Witch Trails Project, Procedural Week. workshops, walks and performances organized by Invisibledrum, in collaboration with Kurant Visningsrum, Polar Film Lab and Nature & History Museum Tromsø. May 2021, Tromsø, Norway.

Symposium of Spiritual Technologies within Creative Practices – Ethnobotany and the Witch Trials in Norway, in collaboration with HIFO and Kunsthall Trondheim. Trondheim. Norway. 2021, April.

MANAWAI. Aguadeiras.  Art & New Ecologies Panel, World Water Day Gathering. Tribute Earth,  Online Symposium, March 2021.

sONgLineS DowSerS Issue 1 Shadows: Lamenting Rivers and the Daughter of Fire, online publication and podcast, Invisibledrum Art Platform. February 2021.

We are Water We are One, Art & New Ecologies Panel, collaboration with Tribute Earth,  Online Symposium, July 2020.

1st Nordic Symposium of Spiritual Technologies within Creative Practices, February 2020. Invisibledrum Art Platform at Rosendal Teater, Trondheim. Norway 

Fracto Film Festival, May 2019. Acud Macht NEU, Berlin. Germany

Alchemy Moving Image Festival, May 2018. Heart of Hawick, Scottish Borders. Edinburgh, Scotland. UK