In deep gratitude and blessed for the last two weeks @liquid.cosmos Marina Sans, at Water Temple @liquidzome completing Module 4-5.

Water codes for peace and healing. Sacred Water in Sintra carries emergence for care, empathy, Love and Cosmic-body connection. The power of the healing waters is in us all, we are all one in service to cosmic waters, to peace and balance within our body and communities. Grateful for this beautiful two years journey to @liquid.cosmos @kkasia @auramundo @meetyourocean @teresa.laz.matos

Catia Katrine, Sofia… and all the beautiful souls I’ve met in the waters along the way.

Also grateful to @lilith_in_me for weaving the connection, @crismarcondes_corpoarte for inspiration and for initiation into this sacred path. This is love 💜🐋💧💫

Water Holds the Shell of the Skin, a Cluster of Cells. Research project supported by @nordiskkulturfond

Hydrotherapy and water-based rituals hold the potential to facilitate a somatic release of unprocessed information that keeps stored within the body’s memory, by working with EZ water and the electrical processes in biological systems, cells, organs, glands and nervous system. Immersion in water when tuning in thermal properties, accompanied by intention, presence and reverence, offers a space where liquid ecologies and hydrofeminism become a weaving across cosmic time and space. As we engage in the delicate interplay of these concepts through touch, we uncover the potential for transcending the shadows of the present-past, embracing the light of regeneration, and being a bridge between personal narratives, global colapse and ancestral legacies, between the ethereal and the embodied, between healing and liberation.

To embrace collapse, integrating the practice of letting go into daily routine. Each day follows the next, it feels as though the sun is cradled by a boat as it sails through the starry night, only to return with the break of dawn.


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