OMEN is a research based film created while journeying into an investigation  to connect notions of cinema and trance.In OMEN the space where cinema take us is mirrored to the space produced by a shamanic drumming seance. The other’s eye pulls in and out our expectations, creating a kinetic experience from moving images,  sound and the observer’s desire.  the cinematic experience is on hold, suspended in between repetition, rhythm and duration. Then a voyage begins; an inner journey, an interior cinema.

OMEN originally is made for the installation, in a completely black box and projected onto a black screen. In this version for cinema theater, I have applied different strategies for evoking similar embodiment experience.  In Omen the body enters a complete dark cinematic environment,  creating a decentralizing experience,  then it urges for re-orientation. The process has taken me through questions of languages, techniques within an understanding of cinematic performative quality, as a manifestation and autonomous within the co-creation process.I use diffraction as a methodology for dissonance to happen within, where somatic experience is created by playing with temporal illusion effects, such as afterimages or saccades masking. the cinematic as a place for the production of “extas”.

The body enters complete darkness, the cinematic environment creates a decentring experience, narratives unfolds in the cognitive gradually through rhythm, repetition, and duration, by playing with temporal illusion effects, such as afterimages or saccades masking. the cinematic as a place to for being suspended in cinematic states. Test out the visual aspect of the Timeless machine. I wanted to see how visitors experience spatial darkness and time aspect. I observed that some people didn’t handle the darkness very well, this pulled them away. I found it very interesting due to fear is an essential element in my work, only the ones that are willing to go through it will access to the film.  The work is in a state of latency, never exposed to some visitors. Overall the time aspect works well, through looping, rhythm, and duration was created a space of limbo, where the duration of the piece was undefinable. The residue of images onto the black matt circular screen, when the image disappears, created a black cloud that became suspended in space. Producing a kind of illusion of depth, an afterimage. OMEN was inspired in the following works: (Balka, 2009), (Jacobs, 2016).