Norway 2016

One channel Film and sound Installation in black box

20 min Loop 16mm/ HD

Black screen / Sub-woofer / feathers /Palo de Santo

OMEN is a research-based film created while journeying into an investigation  to connect notions of cinema and trance. In OMEN , the space where cinema takes us is mirrored to the space produced by a shamanic drumming seance. The other’s eye pulls in and out our desires, creating a kinetic experience from moving images,  sound vibrations, and the observer’s desire. The cinematic experience is on hold, suspended in between repetition, rhythm, and duration. Then a voyage begins; an inner journey, an interior cinema.

OMEN originally is made for installation, in a completely black box and projected onto a black screen.  In Omen the body enters a complete dark cinematic environment,  creating a decentralizing experience, then it urges for re-orientation. The process has taken me through questions of languages, techniques within an understanding of cinematic performative quality, as a manifestation and autonomous within the co-creation process, as “interactive becoming” ( Barad). I use diffraction as a methodology for dissonance to happen within, where somatic experience is created by playing with temporal illusion effects, such as afterimages or saccades masking. the cinematic as quality, a place for the production of “extas”



2018 “Tarkovsky and Dreams”, at Summerhall .event founded by Napier University. Edinburgh. Scotland.
2017 Alternativnih filmova Festival alternativnog filma – AVI Fest. KIC, Podgorica, Montenegro
2017 Hypnagogia – Films & Sounds. Screening. H0L0, Ridgewood. New York
2017 Moony Branch : An Evening of Sounds & Films. Outside Screening in woods. Weaverville, North Carolina
2017 Alchemy Film & Moving Image Film Festival. Film Installation. Hawick . Scotland
2016 Open Art Academy, Trondheim Open. Kit Gallery. Film Installation. Trondheim. Norway

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