Norway 2016

One channel Film and sound Installation in blackbox

20 min Loop 16mm/ HD

Black screen / Sub-woofer / feathers / palo de santo 



Inspired by the concept of shamanic magic séance the work brings elements that create intra-action’ with the observer. The narrative is unfold in the cognitive gradually through rhythm, repetition and duration, creating a unique temporal ecstasies experience for each visitor. Techniques are applied working towards notions of sutura; through editing techniques, the cognitive process experiences time and space from the observer’s desire. That which is given by the cut, within what is between one image and the other; the suspended state of anticipation in between cuts. In this case it is given by means of differentiation, by being out of the system of associations.  In OMEN the observer is being in that suspended state longer, long enough to recognize cinema within expectation, the potential of being suspended in cinematic states. The process has taken me through questions of languages, techniques within understanding of cinematic performativity, as a manifestation and autonomous within the co-creation process.I use diffraction as a methodology for dichotomies to happen within,where somatic experience is created by playing with temporal illusion effects, such as afterimages or saccades masking. the cinematic as a place for production of “extas”. The immersive environment at times functions as a non-place, as a mental place, a suspended place.

The work was first shown in Trondheim at Gallery Kit in November 2016  and its premiere will be hosted by  Alchemy Film & Moving Image Festival in Hawick, Scotland in March 2017, OMEN belongs to a study in progress on time and spatial perception within the cinematic, When The Spell is Broken.