Monochrome ​is an audiovisual experience created for Oscar Mulero’s album ​Perfect Peace,​ the cinematic concept was created in 2016 from a collaboration between artists Javier Bejarano and Nazare Soares. Most of the visual material was filmed same year in England, Norway, and Spain; using mainly black and white 16mm and 8mm footage digitalized and mixed with high-quality video, also including material from own artists archives.

Monochrome​ is inspired by a photographic series shot some years earlier by Bejarano in London’s Highgate cemetery, to which Nazare Soares has added animistic elements. Within this merged contemplation, the material opens up for entering into a journey where reality fades into dreamlike and imaginary realms.

The cinematic outcome is an exploration into a dialogue created when juxtapositioning still and moving images, and their relationship to history as well as the construct of memory from the use of new and old technologies. Through a combination of dynamic and static imagery and the overlapping of layering slow-motion footage, an immersed audience engages with a constellation of uncanny images. Rhythm, repetition, and duration are critical parameters within the construction of ​Monochrome​, affecting the capacity for transmutations of such imagery within cognitive and somatic experiences of the public. The transformation of abstract black and white film qualities are linked to the oscillation between harmony and aural dissonances provided by the sonic experience.


Entropia – Etopia Centro de Arte y Tecnología, Zaragoza, Spain,

Réplika Teatro, Centro Internacional de Creación, Madrid.Spain

Lunchmeat Festival. National Gallery of Praga. The Czech Republic. 

Teatro de La Laboral. Laboral Ciudad de la Cultura, Gijon. Asturias. Spain

Festival Madrid Brillante, el teatro Reina Victoria, Madrid


Fanzine Fest, Teatro Colón, La Coruña, Spain

ENSO 2020 by ensolab. CC Las Cigarreras, Alicante, Spain.


Noche Blanca de Oviedo. Teatro Filarmónica. Oviedo. Spain


Música Abierta. Botin Center for Contemporary Art. Santander. Spain

Amsterdam Dance Event. The Amsterdam Dance Event Foundation. At De Brakke Grond, Amsterdam, Netherlands.

Volumes 2018. Festival Internacional de Exploracion Audio Visual. Centre del Carme, Valencia. Spain

Sonar 2018 Festival of Music Creativity & Technology.Barcelona