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‘I am Half Sick of Shadows’ Cinematic Ceremony at Cinemateket Trondheim on 29th October 2018. Trondheim Open

Last night we dirge for ruined cities in the voice of Earth. I am very thankful to all people who attended to the cinematic ceremony and deep gratitude to talented artists and musicians that contribute for ‘ I am Half Sick of Shadows’ to happen, this wouldn’t never have been possible without trust and support received by Cinemateket Trondheim and Trondheim Open , A beginning of a meaningful process. I feel blessed and extremely lucky for being accompanied in this journey by Svein Inge Saether, Terra Maris , Andreas Elvenes, Linnea Jansson, Ada Mathea Hoel, Michael Francis Duch. Special thanks to Je Welshtwo for inviting me to take part of e-x-p-a-n-d-e-d at at surnadal billag, key moment for this project to be originated, Rocio Mata and Berthold Hinrichs for contribution in the making of the film material and of course always to Meli Cat , Lídia de Pedro and Amalia Fonfara for constant love and support.



(2,2) 0 – DORA at Hendelser på Nyhavna 2018 7th – 10th June. Trondheim

Happy Birthday 2,2 0 ! We are very happy and excited to announce, today first anniversary of 2,2 0 Sonic Architecture of The Inner Space, that the Invisibledrum will be back in Trondheim on the 7th of June, under the umbrella of Hendelser på Nyhavna 2018! (2,2) 0 – DORA will be taken at the Norwegian National Archives building Dora 1, entrance B. A gesture for allowing to release geological and historical trauma via poetical invocations. A navigation into a psychoacoustic space exploring the inner through spatial embodiment. Gratulerer med dagen!!

(2,2) 0 – Sonic Architecture of the Inner Space is back in Trondheim under the umbrella of Hendelser på Nyhavna 2018 7th – 10th June.

Opening: 7th of June at 17h.

(2,2) 0 – DORA is located at the Norwegian National Archives building Dora 1, entrance B. ( 2,2) 0 – Sonic Architecture of the Inner Space is an interactive spatial sound composition in a completely black space, accompanied by a film installation and a durational performance. A navigation into a psychoacoustic space exploring the inner through spatial embodiment.

(2,2) 0 – DORA 2018 version is created within the historical context of 2WW german U-Boats base in Trondheim, the largest naval base in North Europe, started in 1941 but remained unfinished. Being known how the environmental impact Dora Naval Base had onto Trondheim harbour and surrounding, (2,2) 0 – DORA focus on the earth materials affected by such construction process and how those are currently expressed on Trondheim environmental, historical and cultural context. During the construction period, a considerable amount of alien material was imported to Norway for building the base, being that local soil and native material was incompatible to engineering planning, Dora was never approved by geologist professionals at that time. Thus (2,2) 0 – DORA is created as a gesture for allowing to released geological and historical trauma via poetical invocation. By using sonic references of echolocation, navigation and sea life aural qualities, (2,2) 0 – DORA seeks to connect the 4 historical naval base surveillance locations within Trondheim Fjord; Agdenes Fyrstasjon, Hysnes Fort, Brettingen Fort and Dora.
(2,2) 0 – Sonic Architecture of the Inner Space has been shown at ArtScience Museum in Singapore June 2017 and at Lademoen Kunstnerverksted and Trondheim Kunstmuseum in May 2017.
The work is created and produced by artists Amalia Fonfara, Nazare Soares and Øystein Kjørstad Fjeldbo. Sponsored by NBK – Norske Billedkunstnere.

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Presentation “Love Speak, Softly” Sound and Film Installation outcome @ e-x-p-a-n-d-e-d at Surnadal Billag, SATURDAY 7 April.


Today at surnadal billag,  A view with sound, music and video. After a 4-day stay at billaget it appears experiments produced in the premises. By Michael Francis Duch Magdaléna Mandorla Ellen Røed Jørgen J Wassvik Bugo Hoss Nazare Soares Jeremy Welsh and sigurd sheep. The artists come from Norway, England, Spain and Czech Republic and are affiliated with ntnu in trondheim and university of Bergen. From 14.00. PM SATURDAY 7 April.

e-x-p-a-n-d-e-d  is a workshop and public performance to be held at Surnadal Billag from 3 – 7 April 2018. Artists working in video, experimental film, electronic sound and improvised music will develop material for new projects over a period of four days, and then present works-in-progress on the final day. Surnadal Billag is a project space and artist residency in Surnadalsøra, Møre & Romsdal, Norway. The facility is housed in a former bus station. Taking part in the project will be Ellen Røed, professor of research in moving image at Stockholm University of the Arts: Nazare Soares, experimental film-maker & installation artist; Craig Wells, Phd research fellow in sound and experimental music at the Grieg Academy, Bergen; Michael Francis Duch, contemporary musician and associate professor in music at NTNU, the Norwegian University of Science and Technology; Sigurd Saue, leader of the institute for music technology, NTNU; Magdalena Manderlova, MA student in Fine Art at NTNU, working with voice and electronics; Jørgen Wassvik; BA student at NTNU working with video and sound. The project has been initiated by Jeremy Welsh as part of an ongoing series of research-based art projects investigating space, place and site-sensitivities.

e.x.p.a.n.d.e.d residency and workshop at Surnadal Billag, Norway. 3-7 April

This week I am excited to take part in e.x.p.a.n.d.e.d residency and workshop organized by Jeremy Welsh at Surnadal Billag. Public Presentation of outcome from 14h on Saturday 7 April. Looking forward !

 From the installation 3Rom1/RGB, Jeremy Welsh & Michael Francis Duch, 2018.

Next up: e-x-p-a-n-d-e-d, residency and workshop at Surnadal Billag, from Tuesday 2 – Saturday 7 April. Video, experimental film, installation, electronic sound, improvised music, performance….. and any combination thereof. With Ellen Røed, Magdaléna Mandorla, Jørgen J Wassvik, Nazare Soares, Dragan Miletic, Bugo Hoss, Michael Francis Duch, Sigurd Saue and Jeremy Welsh. Public presentations from 14.00 on Saturday 7 April. Welcome!

The Breathing Room – Breathing Interval and Heart Rate Capturing through Ultra Low Power Radar at CHI2018, Montreal

The Breathing Room is going to be presented at  the ACM CHI2018 Conference on Human Factors in Computing Systems , the premier international conference of Human-Computer Interaction. In Montreal on Monday 23rd, April 2018.

2018 represents the 50th anniversary of Douglas Engelbart’s “Mother of all Demos” in 1968, and we are not going to let this occasion pass unnoticed. We celebrate the anniversary by renaming the Interactivity track to “Demonstrations”, and by focusing the track onto a one-evening celebration at the Monday reception.



Hypnagogia – Films & Sounds. Film & live music. Aug 25 of 2017, New York

I feel honoured last night at Eyelight-Obscura studio in Weaverville, North Carolina , OMEN was shown together with Ruins Rider by Pierre-Luc Vaillancourt and special magical incantations as part of Moony Branch: An evening of Sounds & Films.  Same tour on the 25th of August OMEN will be screened as part Hypnagogia Film and Sound, the magical seance will take place this Friday 25th of August at HOLO in New York .

Volcanic event in New York next Friday.
Maximum amplification of hypnagogic frequencies.
High voltage telluric blast.
Pierre-Luc Vaillancourt (film / soundtrack Marc Hurtado)
embryoroom / Eward Quist (live)
Jon Claude Bieschke (live)
Nazare Soares (film)



( 2,2 ) 0 Sonic Architecture of the Inner Space. at ArtScience Museum, Singapore (27.7.17 – 2.8.17) ACM Creativity and Cognition 2017

We are taking part with ( 2,2 ) 0 in Creative and Cognition 2017, We are located at the Art and Science Museum of Singapore;  Microbites of Innovation has been . curated by Nancy Mauro-Flude and Markéta Dolejšová.

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EXIT MFA EXHIBITION .TKM Gråmølna . May 21st – June 11th, 2017

Showing final work from  two years Master programme at Trondheim Academy of Art, Thesis Exhibition at  TKM Gråmølna & Lademoen Kunstnerverksted, Trondheim. The work Prelude (2,2) 0 and ( 2,2) 0 are the outcome of my ongoing study When The Spell is Broken,  rooted in the etymology of kinema and topos. The research explores a meta-critique of sight perception in relation to virtual, real and imaginary spaces.Taking the structure of a (2,2) mode shamanic drum as a reference,  the artwork explores the possibility for  re-combinations and simultaneities of the real-and-imagined. It offers a  geo-narrative where imagination is activated in a topological way by connecting two venues in Trondheim; Lademoen Kunstnerverksteder & Gråmølna Kunstmuseum. The hybrid spaces present the use of technology and its relation to knowledge, through systems and languages found in techno-animism, cinema and hauntology practices.


Trondheim Academy of Fine Art
Opening May 21st at 13.00
From May 24th – June 11th, 2017

Susanna Barlow, Prerna Bishnoi, Sandra Burek, Taylor Edin, Agnieszka Foltyn, Reidun Synnøve Gravelseter, Mahmoud Khaled, Mujahed Khallaf, Rosina Ivanova with Guerrilla Optimists and Moaners., Diana Lindbjerg, Thea Meinert, Hilde Pytkowski, Mari Sanden, Yanir Shani, Nazare Soares with Øystein Kjørstad Fjeldbo & Amalia Fonfara, Martinus Suijkerbuijk.

Exit is a graduation exhibition of 16 artists who have developed their individual practices while attending the International MFA program at Kunstakademiet i Trondheim | Trondheim Academy of Fine Art. The exhibition presents what the artists have been working on over the past two years which will reflect a diversity of artistic strategies and approaches towards a broad range of subjects. The exhibition will take place in TKM Gråmølna, Gallery KiT and Lademoen Kunstnerverksted.

If one were to walk through the labyrinth of the art academy, one might encounter a network of artistic laboratories whose borders are defined by ad-hoc assemblages of curtains and sliding doors. Entering each space is entering a microcosm of artistic experimentation guided by open-ended questions—or not necessarily questions—but rather urges, twitches. To inhabit the urge, and succumb to the twitch is a temporary, and potentially anxiety-producing, loss of self, of getting lost: the conjuring of streams of proposals and propositions that perhaps remain forever hidden; hours of energy and labor spent trying to arrive at a ‘discourse’; intersubjective perception. Is it within these spasms and movements that art has the potential to produce new knowledge? And what kind of knowledge?

These questions have been part of vibrant discussions within the class and the institution, and the exhibition engages and reflects on them.

The exhibition opens on May 21st at 13.00 in TKM Gråmølna, Gallery KiT and Lademoen Kunstnerverksted.

Opening hours May 24th to June 11th

TKM Gråmølna, Gallery KiT

Wednesday 12-20
Thursday – Sunday 12-16
Monday – Tuesday closed

Lademoen Kunstnerverksted.

May 22th – 28th 12-6 h

Alchemy Film & Moving Image Festival in Hawick, Scotland. 2nd – 6th March 2017

I am happy to announce the premiere of my recent film installation OMEN will be hosted by Alchemy Film & Moving Image Festival in Hawick, Scotland. The event will take place from 2nd till 6th of March 2017. Full Programme here:

Over 60 filmmakers and artists from around the world will be landing in Hawick on March 2nd for the seventh edition of Alchemy Film and Moving Image Festival. Screening over 120 films at Hawick’s Tower Mill, with 23 world premieres, 12 moving image installations around the town, expanded cinema performances and a filmmaker symposium, Alchemy promises to transform Hawick into a melting pot of creativity for some of the world’s most imaginative moving image artists.

Highlights include the Scottish premiere of Rachel Maclean’s It’s What’s Inside That Counts. Maclean has been chosen to represent Scotland at the Venice Biennale in 2017, in a major new exhibition curated by Alchemy Film & Arts. Her work powerfully satirises the fears and desires of our contemporary zeitgeist, cloaked in a super-saturated aesthetic of fairy-tale consumer culture. Maclean will be present for a Q&A, discussing the evolution of her work and the themes of her new Venice commission.

Another sprinkling of Venetian magic comes from Alchemy’s tribute to the late John Berger, the Booker-prize-winning author of Ways of Seeing. In a special screening of his 1989 film Play Me Something, also featuring Tilda Swinton and Margaret Bennett, Berger narrates a politicised Venetian romance between a farm worker and a young bohemian woman, to a bemused waiting room of misfits in a desolate aiport lounge on the Scottish island of Barra. Directed by Tim Neat, present for a Q&A.

In perhaps the World’s first ever surrealist experimental opera-musical, the UK premiere of Warsaw-based Karolina Bregula’s The Tower, follows the fate of a group of well-meaning community activists who decide that the solution to their social problems lies in building an enormous tower of sugar. With music by Glasgow based Ela Orleans, their utopian dreams inevitably lead toward more dystopian realities.

Expanding the festival’s ethos of conversational encounter into a fifth day, British artist Andrew Kötting will lead a raggle-taggle eight mile procession of artists and miscreants towards the Hermitage Castle and the spectral vision that is Mary Queen of Scots. Reuniting the ghosts of King Harold and his hand fast wife Edith Swan Neck, Kötting’s film-walk culminates in a screening of Edith Walks at Hermitage Hall.

For the closing film, Alchemy hosts the European premiere of Incident Reports by Canadian auteur Mike Hoolboom. An episodic love letter to an unseen therapist, Hoolboom’s film is a luminous celebration of humanity, traversing memory, forgetting, image making and gender identity, while touching the heart of what it is to be in the world. It is an essay film that leads us joyfully to an ultimately life affirming conclusion: “Loving would be easy if your colours were like my dreams: Red, gold, and green.”


As part of Open Art Academy I am showing a film installation , OMEN is shown in the Black Box at Gallery Kit, Opening today Friday 11 November at 6pm .