The Not Yet Film

Trondheim 2016

Sound Installation

Stereo Sound for headphones

Quantum tic tac toe Game on Paper / Black box 27x36x20 cm / media player with headphones


“If an emitter were to send out a signal that is true strong, it could go through the object.”

Prerna Bishnoi and Nazare Soares, working together on a research project in the context of migratory movements. The project takes as its starting point cultural- recreational centres located somewhere (and nowhere) in Trondheim. A sound piece The Not Yet Film, a game of Quantum Tic Tac Toe and a black box are elements constructed from moments in our research process. They arise from our conversations about being-in-transit, imperceptibility as choice, fictioning and the notion of otherness. Being-in-transition through the properties of fiction and film. Film as a structure to play with and working with notions of not yet imaginary futures.

The project investigates the need of immigrants self-made cultural recreational centers. The research/ exhibition to function a way of rise the need of this communities/ to study how they operate in relation to the notion of imperceptibility. We operate from a bed of thoughts, thoughts that consider this mass mobility and escape as a creative act, thoughts that look at their journey and existence of migrants beyond victimization. We should operate beyond these thoughts, leaving behind existing modes of representation. We don’t have to stretch into a faraway future to go beyond representation, but just change a lens.

” The subject-form is not an abstract category. It is a steadily constructed and reconstructed through the continuous process of representation in every single social relationship” (Papadopoulos, 2008)

The work in progress was exhibited as part of Meta.morf Art & Technology Biennale in Trondheim last March, at Gallery Kit for the opening of a group exhibition We Hold This Myth to Be Potential, Investigations into Afrofuturism, curated by Annett Bush.