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Radio Satellite Program of Metamorf 2016. Extra Terrestrial presented by Miss Despoina’s

Hic Non Est (He is not here) soundscape by music composer Andrew Stuart-Buttle is broadcasting on Wednesday 16th m thursday 17h and Friday 18th of March,  part of Radio Extra Terrestrial presented by Miss Diana Lindbjerg.
A soundscape created from mainly sound material recorder in the Land of Cannan, the work is made from memories, thoughts and experiences collected by me in Palestine between April and May 2013.

TURN ON, TUNE IN, TUNE OUT: DÉTUNEMENT ! Listen now to experimental radio station in connection to Metamorph here:


Work Programme 68 by Jennifer Milarski

Thoughts on Work Programme 68 in October 2014 at CAC by Jennifer Milarski.


“Nazare revisited her existing moving image work Hic Non Est, created during a residency in Palestine last year, and reconstructed the work in response to the space. The rooms were set up as a visual diary of her Palestinian memories and experiences and the theme of the tree of life was repeatedly visually present, even in the form of an actual olive tree which transformed the space into an organic part of the show. This is one of the best things about CAC that it has the ability to shape shift with each show, if you brought a tree in to a conventional white cube type gallery it would very much be apparent that it had been deliberately brought in an artwork. At CAC the tree looked as if it could’ve grown out of the ground and perhaps the whole exhibition had come about around the tree.” Jennifer Milarski


Brighton Palestine Film Festival. 7 November 2014

Hic Non Est , Film I made in collaboration with Andrew Stuart-Buttle is screening at Brighton Palestine Film Festival this weekend at BAC Brighton Arts Club .


Brighton Palestine Film Festival is supported by Brighton & Hove Left Unity and Brighton & Hove Palestine Solidarity Campaign.

The festival will showcase a mixture of documentaries and films by Palestinian actors, directors and producers.

The event will have paid entrance (suggested donation of £2 – £4 depending on your income) and the proceeds will go to Medical Aid for Palestinians, who did fantastic work during the latest Israeli assault on Gaza, Operation Protective Edge.

Film suggestions are more than welcome – email or post trailers on the event!


Friday 7th November:
6pm: Doors Open & Opening Speeches
6.30pm: Jenin Jenin screening
7.30pm: ‘Jenin’s Resistance’ – Adriano Merola Marotta, Palestine solidarity activist
8.30pm: Break
9pm: The Time That Remains screening

Saturday 8th November:
1pm: Doors Open
2pm: Screening of shorts including : Jerusalem: Uprooted, Walled Out and Cut Off , Negotiating Representation in Israel and Palestine, Hic Non Est (He Is Not Here) and footage of PSC demonstrations in Brighton
3pm: ‘The Importance of Activist Film Making’ – Lee Salter, Media Lecturer, University of Sussex
4pm: Break
4.30pm: Slingshot HipHop screening
6pm: ‘The Art of Resistance’
7pm: Tears of Gaza
8.30pm: ‘The UK’s & The Israeli Arms Trade – Jessica, Corporate Watch

Sunday 9th November:
1pm: Doors Open
2pm: The Do-Gooders screening
4.30pm: ‘Is Aid The Solution In Palestine?’ – Zephyr Blofeld, Sussex Friends of Palestine society
5pm: Avenge But One Of My Two Eyes screening
6.30pm: ‘BDS- What It Is & Why It’s Important’ – Councillor Ben Duncan
7.30pm: Paradise Now screening

Hic Non Est, From Scenes and Scenery of the Holy Land, Solo Film installation. 24th October 2014.

Hic Non Est, From Scenes and Scenery of the Holy Land, A Film installation made in collaboration with sound composer Andrew Stuart-Buttle is opening this Friday 24Oct till 26 October 2014 at Community Arts Centre . Exhibition curated by Jenny Milarski. Moving Image artist James Alexander Johnson who travelled to Palestine with me has been invited to screen his work Impenetrable Thicket made especially for this occasion.
Private view: Friday 24th October 7-9pm
Opening times: Friday – Sunday 1 – 7pm
more info:

Hic Non Est

Hic Non Est

From scenes and scenery of the Holy Land A Film installation by Nazare Soares

24 – 26 October 2014
Private view: Friday 24th October 7-9pm
Opening times: Friday – Sunday 1 – 7pm

Comuni Ty Arts Centre ,31 Queens Road , Bn3 3XA Brighton (Entry through North Road)