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OMEN at Tarkovsky: Cinema of Dreams. 17 of May at the Anatomy Lecture Theatre, Summerhall. Edinburgh.

This is a great pleasure to have OMEN as part of Louise Milne and Oliver Mezger ‘s event Tarkovsky: Cinema of Dreams. This event celebrates the lunch of the website-archive behind the making of Louise Milne and Seán Martin feature-length documentary of the same title. If you around Edinburgh on Thursday 17th May; this will be a chance to experience OMEN at the Anatomy Lecture Theatre, Summerhall. Edinburgh.
The unmanifested is hidden in the blackest depths of the mind…

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“All that generation were looking for a miracle” – Evgeny Tsymbal, assistant director, Stalker, interviewed by Louise and Sean in Moscow, 2016

* All Invited // Free Entry

This event Tarkovky: Cinema of Dreams celebrates the launch of the website-archive behind the making of Louise Milne and Sean Martin’s feature length documentary of this title. There will be screenings of video interviews with key persons, and a presentation of working transcripts of the interviews.

The event will include several screenings of new artist films, with a Q&A with the artists, featuring very special guest Nazare Soares (Norway) who will be presenting her film Omen (2016).

Do you love the great director Andrei Tarkovsky? Would you like to learn more about his life from those who worked with him, who continue to write about him, and who continue to celebrate the influence of his life and work?

At this event, celebrate on-going international collaborations in artist films, and the cross-cultural legacy defined by Tarkovsky and those of his generation.

Alchemy Film Festival ; OTHER VOICES Programme on Friday 4th of May @ HEART OF HAWICK, Scotland

As part of the programming team of Alchemy Film 2018 I’ll be moderating and having a discussion with artist Katharine Fry, Giuseppe Boccassini, Louise Milne, Rhona Mühlebach, and Ben Pointeker. Films are part of the Programme ‘Other Voices ‘


Screenhot. Derbis by Giuseppe Boccassini

11:50am – 1:30pm

Spoken word and image collide through a typewriter, film consciousness, and a story of failed execution in Olly Olly Oxen Free. In Creepers, a headless body inhales and exhales the language of animals, as if possessed by animism. Debris presents us with a fever dream of energised fragmentary film, a travelogue of a shipwreck. In Eidolon, the dream deepens into three overlapping magical nightmares, apparitions and ghosts. Linguistic divisions evaporate as a conversation with a drug-taking crow ensures in To get in touch with crows. In Onward Lossless Follows, the stars won’t help you but a horse with no name might, permeated with stranger-danger. Words, memory and meaning dissolve entirely in playful defiance of language itself within Dit Learn. A quiet and dreamlike harmony is restored through a visual poetry of being and shadows in Impassenger.

* Katharine Fry, Giuseppe Boccassini, Louise Milne, Rhona Mühlebach, and Ben Pointeker will be present for a Q&A.