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JULY is out today! A new music video we made for HYENA and #settheory last summer. The outcome of a catharsis! Deeply thanks to Rebeca Sasse for wonderful cinematography and assistance, Lidia de Pedro #lidiadepedro for design, costume and makeup (Mikimono), Serena Giglio and Julio Tomé Garfield for trusting my vision and intuitions, Kshanti Les Gavatxes for being very kind hosting us and allowing to shot in the lost paradise and Elara Elvira for providing us with the magic mirror fragments! Unforgettable experience! July what a month!

‘I am Half Sick of Shadows’ Cinematic Ceremony at Cinemateket Trondheim on 29th October 2018. Trondheim Open

Last night we dirge for ruined cities in the voice of Earth. I am very thankful to all people who attended to the cinematic ceremony and deep gratitude to talented artists and musicians that contribute for ‘ I am Half Sick of Shadows’ to happen, this wouldn’t never have been possible without trust and support received by Cinemateket Trondheim and Trondheim Open , A beginning of a meaningful process. I feel blessed and extremely lucky for being accompanied in this journey by Svein Inge Saether, Terra Maris , Andreas Elvenes, Linnea Jansson, Ada Mathea Hoel, Michael Francis Duch. Special thanks to Je Welshtwo for inviting me to take part of e-x-p-a-n-d-e-d at at surnadal billag, key moment for this project to be originated, Rocio Mata and Berthold Hinrichs for contribution in the making of the film material and of course always to Meli Cat , Lídia de Pedro and Amalia Fonfara for constant love and support.



Teaser of ‘July ‘ by Hyena is out

Teaser from last video work made for electronic band HYENA  is out , ‘July’  will be published soon by Set Theory Records  

Nazare Soares ha creado esta pieza visual para “July”, el nuevo trabajo de la banda de música electrónica y neopop HYENA, álbum que será publicado en Settheory Records, a mediados de octubre de 2018. El trabajo audiovisual está inspirado en elementos de ausencia y distorsión creados sobre espejos rotos; desconexiones y entrelazamientos de sombras a través de paisajes ficcionales. Una forma única y original de reinterpretar la música y su relación con el mundo que nos rodea.

Stylosophya by Jesus Oliver. Hair on Stage. Theatre Auditorium Manzoni. Bologna & Hair On Stage Theater Amsterdam. October 2017

Stylosophya, a video work commissioned by Jesus Oliver for his presentation at Hair on Stage. Theatre Auditorium Manzoni. Bologna & Hair On Stage Theater Amsterdam. October 2017

Working with illustrations  by Lidia de Pedro

by Lidia de Pedro


To The Moon! by Lidia de Pedro at Lawrence Alkin Gallery. London 18th Sept 2014

I will be showing work specially made for Lidia de Pedro‘ exhibition To The Moon! at Lawrence Alkin Gallery , Soho . London. Opening doors at 6pm. Below more details .

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Lawrence Alkin Gallery
42 New Compton Street