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EXIT MFA EXHIBITION .TKM Gråmølna . May 21st – June 11th, 2017

Showing final work from  two years Master programme at Trondheim Academy of Art, Thesis Exhibition at  TKM Gråmølna & Lademoen Kunstnerverksted, Trondheim. The work Prelude (2,2) 0 and ( 2,2) 0 are the outcome of my ongoing study When The Spell is Broken,  rooted in the etymology of kinema and topos. The research explores a meta-critique of sight perception in relation to virtual, real and imaginary spaces.Taking the structure of a (2,2) mode shamanic drum as a reference,  the artwork explores the possibility for  re-combinations and simultaneities of the real-and-imagined. It offers a  geo-narrative where imagination is activated in a topological way by connecting two venues in Trondheim; Lademoen Kunstnerverksteder & Gråmølna Kunstmuseum. The hybrid spaces present the use of technology and its relation to knowledge, through systems and languages found in techno-animism, cinema and hauntology practices.


Trondheim Academy of Fine Art
Opening May 21st at 13.00
From May 24th – June 11th, 2017

Susanna Barlow, Prerna Bishnoi, Sandra Burek, Taylor Edin, Agnieszka Foltyn, Reidun Synnøve Gravelseter, Mahmoud Khaled, Mujahed Khallaf, Rosina Ivanova with Guerrilla Optimists and Moaners., Diana Lindbjerg, Thea Meinert, Hilde Pytkowski, Mari Sanden, Yanir Shani, Nazare Soares with Øystein Kjørstad Fjeldbo & Amalia Fonfara, Martinus Suijkerbuijk.

Exit is a graduation exhibition of 16 artists who have developed their individual practices while attending the International MFA program at Kunstakademiet i Trondheim | Trondheim Academy of Fine Art. The exhibition presents what the artists have been working on over the past two years which will reflect a diversity of artistic strategies and approaches towards a broad range of subjects. The exhibition will take place in TKM Gråmølna, Gallery KiT and Lademoen Kunstnerverksted.

If one were to walk through the labyrinth of the art academy, one might encounter a network of artistic laboratories whose borders are defined by ad-hoc assemblages of curtains and sliding doors. Entering each space is entering a microcosm of artistic experimentation guided by open-ended questions—or not necessarily questions—but rather urges, twitches. To inhabit the urge, and succumb to the twitch is a temporary, and potentially anxiety-producing, loss of self, of getting lost: the conjuring of streams of proposals and propositions that perhaps remain forever hidden; hours of energy and labor spent trying to arrive at a ‘discourse’; intersubjective perception. Is it within these spasms and movements that art has the potential to produce new knowledge? And what kind of knowledge?

These questions have been part of vibrant discussions within the class and the institution, and the exhibition engages and reflects on them.

The exhibition opens on May 21st at 13.00 in TKM Gråmølna, Gallery KiT and Lademoen Kunstnerverksted.

Opening hours May 24th to June 11th

TKM Gråmølna, Gallery KiT

Wednesday 12-20
Thursday – Sunday 12-16
Monday – Tuesday closed

Lademoen Kunstnerverksted.

May 22th – 28th 12-6 h

Slam That Poetry Night at Galleri KIT in Trondheim, Norway . 2nd October 2015.

A night Organized by Hilde Pytkowski on 2nd of October at Galleri KiT in Trondheim, Norway. I am Showing work I made in colaboration with Sarah Saeed (Eye of the Dawn , Lost Found ) Here some documentation of the night :