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Issue #29: Kino-Eye of OtherZine . Past Perfect • Future Tense: Voices and Visions of Women in Film Across Time and Space by Adrianne Finelli

A article by Adrianne Finelli  on the recent GAZE screening Film series  in San Franscisco,  Past Perfect • Future Tense:  Voices and Visions of Women in Film Across Time and Space

” (…) Trapped Between Frames by Nazare Soares. The piece is a single-channel version of a stereoscopic photography installation that was the culmination of Soares’ studies at the University of Brighton. It was inspired by Japanese folklore and the Kaiser-Panorama, a pre-cinematic display made in 1883, and is the story of the sun goddess, Amaterasu portrayed through a painterly hybrid of formats—16mm, VHS, HD and 3D animation. There is a physical element involved in viewing this film, as your optic nerve works overtime to transport you from dream to myth to history. Memory becomes a visceral concept as the shrouded figure walks between stereoscopic images of caves flickering. Soares brings intent to the myth of Amaterasu, and an unwavering strength to the screen as she reverses the gaze to remind us that we part of something bigger than ourselves.

Past Perfect • Future Tense includes 16 individual voices and visions that would resonate in many contexts with diverse audiences. To me this collection of films builds in a strong and compelling way, creating new meaning between the works––space where silence has value and time connects us to one another.

Adrianne Finelli