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Other Cinema: HÄXÄN WITCHES & ASTRAL VISIONS 29th October 2016

My stereoscopic film Trapped Between Frames will be shown on the 29th of October at Artist Television Access in San Francisco as part of HÄXÄN project:

After 2 epic Autumns in the East Bay, the Haxan Project now sets up stakes in the Mission, to initiate a Big-City audience into its irresistible cycle of wicca-ed cinema, with a tent-full of works—all women-made—capped by a provocative live performance! Curators Courtney Fellion, Phaedra Restad, and Hannah Schulman have hand-picked the very best work from their wildly creative coven, including transformative pieces from Gina Basso, Karissa Hahn, Leslie Supnet, Sarah Rooney, Natalie Tsui, Nazar Soares, Laura Conway, Lili White, and Julia Triangular—all to be consummated in the rites of the Church of Color and Light, whose overhead projections and hypnotic incantations promise a path to thee metaphysical via our beloved smoke machine! Free mulled wine.

Past Perfect. Future Tense . GAZE at Artists Television Access in San Francisco. June 26 2015 • 8PM

Trapped Between Frames has been selected for a show curated by Gaze at ATA in San Francisco. Female visions on relationships with time and history.


Delighted to announce the lineup for the next GAZE show!!
Past Perfect • Future Tense
Friday, June 26 • 8PM
A show dedicated to our relationship with time—looking into the past, the present, and the future—contemplating our connection to the clock and calendar. Seasons, cycles, phases, orbits and generations. How do we understand the longing for things that are gone or our desire to rewrite the past? What can we make of our anxiety of the unknown or the anticipation of things yet to be?
Join us June 26th for the summer solstice edition of GAZE film series.

Featuring the work of:
Caroline Blais
Catron Booker
Olivia Ciummo
Kim Collmer
Cecelia Condit
Kelly Gallagher
Carolina González Valencia
Karolina Glusiec
Traci Hercher
Heidi Kumao
Mirka Morales
Sylvia Schedelbauer
Shubhangi Singh
Nazare Soares
Deborah Stratman
Hope Tucker