So Close So Far

“When the night turns on and the day turns off, the crows shout inside the souls that are walking in circles.” Nazare Soares

Tokyo as a reference for the futuristic metropolis with the highest adolescent suicide rate, but on the other hand it was one of the cities with the highest economic level. Several times I questioned why teens commit suicide in Tokyo? This selection of photographs reflects the loneliness of the human being in the contemporary metropolis, where around a million people live in close proximity but find it difficult to empathize with each other; a crowd of beings look at each other but are unable to be seen inside an inhospitable jungle that touches the most sensitive of human being.
How citizens interact in these spaces – searching for something. A lost generation left exposed to receive a shower of incessant information through advertising posters and lights that tell us how we should behave, we are left looking for ourselves and for each other. Individuals in a permanent search for themselves through the question – why?

In June of 2010 the project was one of the winners of Ideas Tap and Magnum’s Photographic Award.

Reversal film onto photographic print.