“The resurrection at our awakening-after that beneficent attack of mental alienation which is sleep-must after all be similar to what occurs when we recall a name, a line, a refrain that we had forgotten. And perhaps the resurrection of the soul after death is to be conceived as a phenomenon of memory.” Marcel Proust

Reminiscence is a moving image  installation formed by 3 computer screens and headphones. The pieces contained memories in form of visual material that I recorded with a standard 8 film camera. Also I used binaural sound beats to reflect how matter is affected by sound vibrations and different frequencies, binaural sound beats have been used in sciences to help in the process of store information in the brain. The result of a research on the understanding of memory in society, from the common fear to lose memory up to the fading away of individual memory into collective abstract.The installation evokes different stages of memory processing opening a reflection on physical, scientific and philosophical approach to the understanding of memory.

Encoding is the first piece of Reminiscence , a moving image installation that evokes the different stages of memory processing,the other two are storage and retrieval.