Prelude to ( 2,2 ) 0

Multi-channel film installation

Red velvet Curtains

Norway 2017

Trondheim Kunstmuseum in Trondheim, Norway, from 21st to 26th of May 2017. Photo: Gard Aukrust

Prelude to ( 2, 2 ) O is a film installation based on documentation material from two years of research towards the production of ( 2.2 ) 0. The film installation  offers a  geo-narrative where imagination is activated in a topological way by connecting two venues in Trondheim; Lademoen Kunstnerverksteder , where ( 2,2 ) 0 is placed & Gråmølna Kunstmuseum where the main Kit MFA Exhibition took place. They are two film work,: a hypnagogic film of making of a drum and a text based film , a conversation between text and a russian male voice about  journeying into ( 2,2 ) 0. The hybrid space present the use of an old technology and its relation to knowledge and imagination. The red velvet curtain is placed on a emergency exit, of the museum, suggesting an opening, a scape route to ( 2,2 ) 0.



2017 Kit MFA show at TKM ​Gråmølna & Lademoen Kunstnerverksteder.​ 21st to 26th of May . Trondheim . NO



(2,2) 0 Prelude (TEASER) from Nazare Soares on Vimeo.

Prelude to ( 2,2 ) 0 ( excerpt) from Nazare Soares on Vimeo.