Pharos Mirror

lighthouse-alexandria-book-of-wonders_0Pharos of Alexandria as depicted in the Book of Wonders, by Abd al Hasan Al Isfahani

Trondheim April 2016

Film Installation

50×50 cm

3 min Loop.

16mm/ HD / projection onto photographic print

Pharos Mirror is a film installation I created in response to Skansen area in Trondheim in April 2016, Norway. The work was part of a group exhibition hosted by Punktet and curated by Jeremy Welsh and David Breida.The work was located under the bridge inside of the grey house together with a work based installation by Johana Edgren. This was placed on the window that overlooks Skansen Lighthouse built in 1916, a hundred anniversary of its construction. The piece activates the walk to the light house. The Mirror performance shows early old mirror technologies used for lighthouse communication to guide those who are navigating through the vast ocean, a place where darkness takes over. I used different visual techniques such as analogue photography mixed with 16mm and digital film, a still photo as screen to project onto, then project onto it same image recorded in digital and analogue. I played with the optic nerve and perception of depth, creating a 3d volume image which presents an unidentified body at the lighthouse, playing with a mirror and the sun to bring the light out of itself. The techniques used evoke narratives of time and history, those overlapping on the quality of the medium.The optic nerve is forced to recognize between still and moving images, a tension in perceiving layers of images.

Pharos Mirror belongs to a study in progress on time and spatial perception within immersive cinematic environments. When The Spell is Broken.

Documentation : Pharos Mirror’s Film Installation 8-12 April 2016 from Nazare Soares on Vimeo.