Luna de Agua Song. Participatory performance. March 2022.

Photos: Viola La Spina. Kirsten Kjærs Museum. March 2022

Luna de Agua Song is a libation ritual, a participatory performance conducted as a closing ceremony for the Water, Plant Medicine & Mycology project by Invisibledrum Art Platform in collaboration with RÅ RO in North Jutland, Denmark. We gathered sauna masters, fire keepers, peace activists, researchers and artists in Denmark at the Kirsten Kjærs Museum to discuss how to reconsider embodied “hydrocommons” in contemporary arts and new ecology practices. The first gathering happens over 4 days in Thy, Denmark, 18th-22th of March 2022 for the Water World Day and the spring equinox. Supported by Nordic Culture Fund & Dáiddafoanda-ad hoc.

Luna de Agua Song is a geomantic invocation of the celestial wheel through fire, water and stones. Dowsing songlines and inviting the public to take part in the ceremony. By aligning body, intention and spirit we searched for deep elemental synchronicity and cosmic healing through water swirling.

In a drop of water, to be able to observe a hydrogen atom, it must stop whirling first, and then the particles inside also contained subatomic light whirlwinds. Alike the cosmos is composed of celestial bodies in constant centrifugal and rotary motion. If we observe the patterns of movement in the water of a river we may find it difficult to imagine that same is happening with the celestial bodies. We work with fire, water mirrors and Adder stones, through geomantic exercise and invocations, each flame mirrors an acupuncture point on earth and sky, star-forming geomantic figures, and/or constellations that unites the earth and cosmic sky in this communion and within the hearts of us, the people. Collectively weaving the voices of the signing minerals and water, resonating through our bodies and sonic energy expanding into the cosmos. Populus-via-Laetitia.

Photos: Nazaré Soares, Kirsten Kjærs Museum. March 2022