“Universal language is love, and encounter is the way it speaks to us. From the encounter we are shown which is the path towards a place, from which there is no return. Our own evolution as beings leads us to the answer. Why do we exist?…Too many words towards an eternal silence.” Nazare Soares


This Photography work has been inspired by the concept of the uncertain destiny, which we call future, an unknown future.
These visual fragments express, in a subjective way, the enigma of our ambiguous existence. How the individual in the actual moment understands the end and duration of all things in life.
Location is used as a reflection of the inner state of the human being and the relationship between the two within the realm of the emotion.
The project invites to fine tune perceptions of otherwise fleeting moments, a reflection on duration and completion of life processes that humans must face in this mortal coil, ranging from the physical to the spiritual aspect.Photographic series of 15 reversal film onto digital prints.