2017 Masters of Fine Art. Kit Academy of Art at Norwegian University of Science and Technology.
2014 B.A. HONORS in Moving Image Arts. First Class Honours University of Brighton
2013 Exchange Programme International Academy of Art of Palestine. Ramallah.
2000 Advanced Vocational Certificate of Education in Photography (AVEC) F.P Luis Bunuel, Mostoles, Madrid.




2014 Hic Non Est. From Scenes and Scenery of the Holy Land. Community Arts Centre. Film Installation. Brighton. UK
2012 Too Many Words for an Eternal Silence. Brighton Photo Fringe. Photo Installation. Brighton. UK
2009 So Close So Far. The Nightingale Theatre. Photo Installation Brighton. UK


(2,2) 0   – Timeless Machine:
2017 *Microbites of Innovation*. Creative and Cognition 2017..Artscience Museum. Sound Installation. Singapore.
2017 Kit MFA show at TKM Gråmølna & Lademoen Kunstnerverksteder. Sound Installation. Trondheim  
2017 Sutures. Collaborative exhibition with Anders Solberg. Kit Gallery. Film Installation. Trondheim
2017 Alchemy Film & Moving Image Film Festival. Film Installation. Hawick . Scotland
2016 Open Art Academy, Trondheim Open. Kit Gallery. Film Installation. Trondheim
2016 Pharos Mirror. Pink Shoelaces. Presented by Punktet . Skansen. Film Installation. Trondheim
2016 The Not Yet Film. We Hold this Myth to Be Potential . Investigations into Afrofuturism. Metamorf Art & Technology Biennale. Kit Gallery. Sound Installation. Trondheim.
2016 Hic Non Est. Gondwana Futurism Radio Station, Metamorf Art & Technology Biennale. Kit Gallery. Soundscape work. Trondheim
Trapped Between Frames. Stereoscopic Film:
2017 Other Cinema. Avant to Live: New experimental works. Artist Television Access. Screening. San Francisco, California.
2016 Wicca-ed Cinema. HÄXÄN WITCHES & ASTRAL VISIONS. Artist Television Access. Screening. San Francisco, California.
2016 Festival Internacional de Cinema Dobra, HÄXÄN O Oculto Pessoal. Cinemateca MAM/RJ. Screening. Rio de Janeiro, Brazil
2016 Usurp Zone 5 Film Festival supported by BFI. Indian Habitat Centre. Screening. New Delhi, India
2015 Addis Video Art Festival. Compilation IVAHM on tour. Museum of Contemporary art of Ethiopia. Film Installation. Addis Ababa,  Ethiopia
2015 Open Art Academy .Gallery Kit. Film Installation Trondheim, Norway
2015 Fiva International Video Art Festival, Museo del Libro y de la Lengua. Screening Buenos Aires, Argentina
2015 Haxan Film Festival, Omni Oakland Commons.Screening. Oakland, California
2015 Usurp Zone 5 Film Festival supported by BFI and Film London. Usurp Gallery. Film Installation. London, UK
2015 Gaze Film Series, Past Perfect Future Tense. Artists Television Access.Screening. San Francisco, California
2015 IVHAM’15 Media Arts Festival. La Neomudejar de Atocha. Film Installation. Madrid, Spain
2014 Cinecity Film Festival. Brighton Museum and Art Gallery.Screening. Brighton, UK
2014 Art Experimenta Vol.8. Trispace Gallery.Screening. London, UK
2014 Fort Process Sound Art Festival. Film Installation. New Heaven, UK
2014 The Lavish Big Screen. Latitude Festival. Film Installation. Suffolk, UK
Eye of the Dawn, Lost Found:
2015 Slam That Poetry Night. Gallery KIT. Screening. Trondheim, Norway
2015 Usurp Zone 5 Film Festival supported by BFI and Film London. Usurp Gallery. Film Installation. London, UK
2015 XXI Muestra Abierta Videoartistas Asociados. La Neomudejar de Atocha. Screening. Madrid, Spain
2014 Cinecity Film Festival. Dukes at Komedia, Picturehouse. Screening. Brighton, UK
2014 Artist Film Salon. Supported by LUX.  JW3. Screening. London, UK
2013 Moving Image BA exhibition .University of Brighton, Film Installation, UK
2012 Scratch Session .The Old Market. Screening. Brighton, UK
2015 Hic Non Est. Brighton Palestine Film Festival. Brighton Arts Club. Screening, UK
2014 Ming I Darkening of the Light. Stereoscopic. University of Brighton. Film Installation. Brighton, UK
2014 La Irreal Foto. La Irreal Fabrica. MAD Photo. Photo Exhibition.  Madrid, Spain
2010 Ideas Tap and Magnum’s Photographic Award. Photo Exhibition. London, UK
2010 Photomonth East London Photography Festival. Photo Exhibition. London, UK
2010 Brighton Photo Fringe. Photo Exhibition. Brighton, UK
So Close, So Far
2009 Future shorts Festival. Latest TV. Screening. Brighton, UK
2007 Regeneration. Cite Universitaire. Photo Exhibition. París,  France
2005-2006 Duality. 18 Competition Caminos de Hierro, Photo Exhibition on tour through train stations all over Spain


2017 The Breathing Room , a collaboration with Martinus Suijkerbuijk and Heikki Sjöman,founded by Engineering design and innovation department NTNU, Vitensenteret i Trondheim.
2017 Every Waking Hour by Hey Gloria. Moving Image work and music video. Trondheim. Norway
2016 Stylosophya by Jesus Oliver. Hair on Stage. Theatre Auditorium  Manzoni. Bologna
2016 ‘Monochrome’ Live Tour by Oscar Mulero.  Moving Image Work in collaboration with Javier Bejarano. World Tour 2016-2018
2015 “201 element” Oscar Mulero’s Muscle and Mind ( PoleGroup 031). In collaboration with  Black Mirror Collective .
2014 To the Moon! for Lidia de Pedro.  Lawrence Alkin Gallery. London, UK
2013 Nazare Soares for Galgo. Black Mirror Festival, Lalaboral Church. Gijon, Spain


2014 Shortlisted by Korean visitors to the Burt, Brill & Cardens Graduate Show award in recognition of outstanding artistic achievement
2010 Ideas Tap and Magnum Photography Award
2004 Caminos de Hierro Photography Award


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