Teaser of ‘July ‘ by Hyena is out

Teaser from last video work made for electronic band HYENA  is out , ‘July’  will be published soon by Set Theory Records  

Nazare Soares ha creado esta pieza visual para “July”, el nuevo trabajo de la banda de música electrónica y neopop HYENA, álbum que será publicado en Settheory Records, a mediados de octubre de 2018. El trabajo audiovisual está inspirado en elementos de ausencia y distorsión creados sobre espejos rotos; desconexiones y entrelazamientos de sombras a través de paisajes ficcionales. Una forma única y original de reinterpretar la música y su relación con el mundo que nos rodea.

Besides the Screen 2018 London & Porto

I will be presenting my thesis “History Decays into Images not Stories” as part of Beside the Screen Conference on the 5th-6th of July in Porto at ISMAI and CIAC. Unfortunately, I had to miss Beside the Screen London taking place these days. If you are in Porto this week and interested in the archiving and preserving of audiovisual materials in the 21st-century check below for more information. http://besidesthescreen.com/

14.30 – 16.00: Panel 3 – The storage as document and the writting of History

Chair: Virginia Crisp (King’s College)

  1. Making Passeio Público: Montage as a way of seeing places and dealing with discontinuities and absences of the past (Andréa França, PUC-Rio; Nicholas Andueza, UFRJ)
  2. Zeituhr 1938 – the history radar. 24 hours online – Retelling the Annexation of Austria- the History Radar (Frederick Baker, Wolfson College Cambridge)
  3. History Decays into Images not Stories: A Journey with Walter Benjamin from Future to Past (Nazare Soares, Norwegian University of Science and Technology)

15 of June 2018. Talk at Sonar+D , Barcelona

Stage+D (P4 Level 1)

Monochrome AV at Sonar Festival , 14 of June 2018. Barcelona

Thursday 14th of June will be the released of para Oscar Mulero (oficial) at Sónar Festival, Barcelona. A collaboration between artist Javier Bejarano and myself for recent Mulero’s Album “Perfect Peace”. Also, I’ll be given an informal talk presenting this project among more recent ones on the 15th of June at Sónar+D.


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(2,2) 0 – DORA at Hendelser på Nyhavna 2018 7th – 10th June. Trondheim

Happy Birthday 2,2 0 ! We are very happy and excited to announce, today first anniversary of 2,2 0 Sonic Architecture of The Inner Space, that the Invisibledrum will be back in Trondheim on the 7th of June, under the umbrella of Hendelser på Nyhavna 2018! (2,2) 0 – DORA will be taken at the Norwegian National Archives building Dora 1, entrance B. A gesture for allowing to release geological and historical trauma via poetical invocations. A navigation into a psychoacoustic space exploring the inner through spatial embodiment. Gratulerer med dagen!!


(2,2) 0 – Sonic Architecture of the Inner Space is back in Trondheim under the umbrella of Hendelser på Nyhavna 2018 7th – 10th June.

Opening: 7th of June at 17h.

(2,2) 0 – DORA is located at the Norwegian National Archives building Dora 1, entrance B. ( 2,2) 0 – Sonic Architecture of the Inner Space is an interactive spatial sound composition in a completely black space, accompanied by a film installation and a durational performance. A navigation into a psychoacoustic space exploring the inner through spatial embodiment.

(2,2) 0 – DORA 2018 version is created within the historical context of 2WW german U-Boats base in Trondheim, the largest naval base in North Europe, started in 1941 but remained unfinished. Being known how the environmental impact Dora Naval Base had onto Trondheim harbour and surrounding, (2,2) 0 – DORA focus on the earth materials affected by such construction process and how those are currently expressed on Trondheim environmental, historical and cultural context. During the construction period, a considerable amount of alien material was imported to Norway for building the base, being that local soil and native material was incompatible to engineering planning, Dora was never approved by geologist professionals at that time. Thus (2,2) 0 – DORA is created as a gesture for allowing to released geological and historical trauma via poetical invocation. By using sonic references of echolocation, navigation and sea life aural qualities, (2,2) 0 – DORA seeks to connect the 4 historical naval base surveillance locations within Trondheim Fjord; Agdenes Fyrstasjon, Hysnes Fort, Brettingen Fort and Dora.
(2,2) 0 – Sonic Architecture of the Inner Space has been shown at ArtScience Museum in Singapore June 2017 and at Lademoen Kunstnerverksted and Trondheim Kunstmuseum in May 2017.
The work is created and produced by artists Amalia Fonfara, Nazare Soares and Øystein Kjørstad Fjeldbo. Sponsored by NBK – Norske Billedkunstnere.

More info at

OMEN at Tarkovsky: Cinema of Dreams. 17 of May at the Anatomy Lecture Theatre, Summerhall. Edinburgh.

This is a great pleasure to have OMEN as part of Louise Milne and Oliver Mezger ‘s event Tarkovsky: Cinema of Dreams. This event celebrates the lunch of the website-archive behind the making of Louise Milne and Seán Martin feature-length documentary of the same title. If you around Edinburgh on Thursday 17th May; this will be a chance to experience OMEN at the Anatomy Lecture Theatre, Summerhall. Edinburgh.
The unmanifested is hidden in the blackest depths of the mind…

More info: https://www.facebook.com/events/246366712771051/

“All that generation were looking for a miracle” – Evgeny Tsymbal, assistant director, Stalker, interviewed by Louise and Sean in Moscow, 2016

* All Invited // Free Entry

This event Tarkovky: Cinema of Dreams celebrates the launch of the website-archive behind the making of Louise Milne and Sean Martin’s feature length documentary of this title. There will be screenings of video interviews with key persons, and a presentation of working transcripts of the interviews.

The event will include several screenings of new artist films, with a Q&A with the artists, featuring very special guest Nazare Soares (Norway) who will be presenting her film Omen (2016).

Do you love the great director Andrei Tarkovsky? Would you like to learn more about his life from those who worked with him, who continue to write about him, and who continue to celebrate the influence of his life and work?

At this event, celebrate on-going international collaborations in artist films, and the cross-cultural legacy defined by Tarkovsky and those of his generation.

Alchemy Film Festival ; OTHER VOICES Programme on Friday 4th of May @ HEART OF HAWICK, Scotland

As part of the programming team of Alchemy Film 2018 I’ll be moderating and having a discussion with artist Katharine Fry, Giuseppe Boccassini, Louise Milne, Rhona Mühlebach, and Ben Pointeker. Films are part of the Programme ‘Other Voices ‘


Screenhot. Derbis by Giuseppe Boccassini

11:50am – 1:30pm

Spoken word and image collide through a typewriter, film consciousness, and a story of failed execution in Olly Olly Oxen Free. In Creepers, a headless body inhales and exhales the language of animals, as if possessed by animism. Debris presents us with a fever dream of energised fragmentary film, a travelogue of a shipwreck. In Eidolon, the dream deepens into three overlapping magical nightmares, apparitions and ghosts. Linguistic divisions evaporate as a conversation with a drug-taking crow ensures in To get in touch with crows. In Onward Lossless Follows, the stars won’t help you but a horse with no name might, permeated with stranger-danger. Words, memory and meaning dissolve entirely in playful defiance of language itself within Dit Learn. A quiet and dreamlike harmony is restored through a visual poetry of being and shadows in Impassenger.

* Katharine Fry, Giuseppe Boccassini, Louise Milne, Rhona Mühlebach, and Ben Pointeker will be present for a Q&A.

Breathing Room Demo, on 23rd April at CHI 2018 part of 50th anniversary of The Mother of all Demos. Montreal, Canada

The Breathing Room – Breathing Interval and Heart Rate Capturing through Ultra Low Power Radar by XeThru this week at CHI 2018 part of 50th anniversary of The Mother of all Demos. Opening Conference Reception and Demonstration  23rd April at 18h.

Presentation “Love Speak, Softly” Sound and Film Installation outcome @ e-x-p-a-n-d-e-d at Surnadal Billag, SATURDAY 7 April.


Today at surnadal billag,  A view with sound, music and video. After a 4-day stay at billaget it appears experiments produced in the premises. By Michael Francis Duch Magdaléna Mandorla Ellen Røed Jørgen J Wassvik Bugo Hoss Nazare Soares Jeremy Welsh and sigurd sheep. The artists come from Norway, England, Spain and Czech Republic and are affiliated with ntnu in trondheim and university of Bergen. From 14.00. PM SATURDAY 7 April.

e-x-p-a-n-d-e-d  is a workshop and public performance to be held at Surnadal Billag from 3 – 7 April 2018. Artists working in video, experimental film, electronic sound and improvised music will develop material for new projects over a period of four days, and then present works-in-progress on the final day. Surnadal Billag is a project space and artist residency in Surnadalsøra, Møre & Romsdal, Norway. The facility is housed in a former bus station. Taking part in the project will be Ellen Røed, professor of research in moving image at Stockholm University of the Arts: Nazare Soares, experimental film-maker & installation artist; Craig Wells, Phd research fellow in sound and experimental music at the Grieg Academy, Bergen; Michael Francis Duch, contemporary musician and associate professor in music at NTNU, the Norwegian University of Science and Technology; Sigurd Saue, leader of the institute for music technology, NTNU; Magdalena Manderlova, MA student in Fine Art at NTNU, working with voice and electronics; Jørgen Wassvik; BA student at NTNU working with video and sound. The project has been initiated by Jeremy Welsh as part of an ongoing series of research-based art projects investigating space, place and site-sensitivities.

e.x.p.a.n.d.e.d residency and workshop at Surnadal Billag, Norway. 3-7 April

This week I am excited to take part in e.x.p.a.n.d.e.d residency and workshop organized by Jeremy Welsh at Surnadal Billag. Public Presentation of outcome from 14h on Saturday 7 April. Looking forward !

 From the installation 3Rom1/RGB, Jeremy Welsh & Michael Francis Duch, 2018.

Next up: e-x-p-a-n-d-e-d, residency and workshop at Surnadal Billag, from Tuesday 2 – Saturday 7 April. Video, experimental film, installation, electronic sound, improvised music, performance….. and any combination thereof. With Ellen Røed, Magdaléna Mandorla, Jørgen J Wassvik, Nazare Soares, Dragan Miletic, Bugo Hoss, Michael Francis Duch, Sigurd Saue and Jeremy Welsh. Public presentations from 14.00 on Saturday 7 April. Welcome!