(2,2) 0 DORA

Interactive spacial sound composition in dark space

Durational performance

Film & Mix media

Head Cast by Simon Eikaas Loken

Norway 2018

(2,2) 0 – DORA builds on the framework of the project (2,2)0 – Sonic Architecture of the Inner Space, which proposes a cinematic experience through an interactive sound installation. (for more info at see here)

(2,2) 0 – DORA is a navigation into a psychoacoustic space exploring the inner through spatial embodiment. A poetic gesture for allowing to released geological and historical trauma via poetical invocation; the sonic architecture is created within the historical context of the 2WW german U-Boats base Dora 1 and 2 in Trondheim, Norway. Being known how the environmental impact Dora Naval Base had onto Trondheim harbor and surroundings, (2,2) 0 – DORA focuses on the Earth materials affected by such construction process and how those are currently expressed in an environmental, historical and cultural context.

The construction of the bunker Dora 1 was started in 1941 while Dora 2 remained unfinished. The base was the largest naval base in northern Europe at that time, and the strategic location in Trondheim was secured well, guarded by three other locations in the mouth of Trondheim Fjord: Agdenes Fyrstasjon, Hysnes Fort, Brettingen Fort.

By using sonic references of echolocation, navigation, environment traces and sealife aural qualities, (2,2) 0 – DORA  connect the 4 historical naval base surveillance locations in Trondheim Fjord; Agdenes Fyrstasjon, Hysnes Fort, Brettingen Fort and Dora. The work is a poetic composition of sounds and ritualistic gestures, collected and created through the technique of shamanistic drum journeying, done in collective sessions at the four places.

The work is created by Invisibledrum Art Platform in collaboration with artist Øystein Kjørstad Fjeldbo.

diagram; a graphic spatial visualization of a composition of sonic qualities and movements of an invisible architecture.. ©Invisibledrum
Click to hear excerpts of the sound architecture

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